Plannet and Euro Company on stage at Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing 2023

Once again this year, Plannet - Warrant Hub played an active part during the tenth edition of the Global Summit Logistics & Manufacturing, a business event designed to establish valuable relationships between companies. During these two days, there were B2B appointments, conferences, workshops and networking moments that facilitated the meeting, comparison, sharing and exchange of ideas and knowledge between the participants.
As part of this event, Plannet chose to share the stage with Euro Company, a leading Italian company in the production and marketing of dried and dried fruit, which a few years ago decided to implement the MES module of the Compass10 suite.

Euro Company al Global SUmmit Logistics - 2023

Michele Mondelli, ICT Project Euro Company, Alessandro Leone, Process Specialist Euro Company and Alessio Bertolani, Project Manager & Solution Architect BU Digital Supply Chain - Plannet provided an in-depth perspective on how to make operations management more fluid and 'economical'. This was made possible through the simplification, optimisation and real-time monitoring of strategic business processes.

Euro Company explained how it successfully deployed Compass10 MES (Manufacturing Execution System) within the organisation, focusing on specific objectives:

  • Automatic Collection of Real-Time Information: aiming to automatically collect real-time information and statistics on the main performance indicators of the production system.

  • Timely Control of Production Orders: ensuring timely control of the progress of production orders.

  • Elimination of 'Paper' Support: Elimination of the paper-based system for order entry, reducing the manual work of transcription and data entry of forms, along with minimising the associated errors.

  • Access to Industry 4.0 Plan Benefits: taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Industry 4.0 plan, including tax credits and training funding.

The previous scenario presented various constraints and challenges:

🔴 Production orders and production schedule still in paper form
🔴 High variability of the production schedule
🔴 Unreliable information from production, entered manually
🔴 Quality control based on paper documentation
🔴 Packaging lines equipped with dated machinery
🔴 ERP with limited support for production operators.

After the implementation of the MES, the scenario changed radically. In fact, in a short period of time, Euro Company was able to achieve numerous benefits, namely:

🟢 Automatic Data Acquisition directly from the machines
🟢 Instant Control of Work Order Progress
🟢 Reliable Final Data for correct calculation of margins
🟢 Dashboard for Performance Measurement and monitoring of packaging lines
🟢 Dematerialisation of Production Orders and Quality Controls
🟢 Efficient Data Entry and Analysis.

The results have been very encouraging: to date there are more than 30 production lines using the MES, more than 55 interconnected machines, more than 60 trained operators and a total of about 225,000 fewer sheets of paper have been printed.

Special thanks to Euro Company for choosing to share their experience and thanks to all those who were present!

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