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Leading provider of Supply Chain software

Plannet provides to manufacturing companies end-to-end solutions to innovate Supply Chain management, focusing on the design and implementation of Advanced Planning, Finite Capacity Scheduling and Manufacturing Execution software. Technological excellence and functional flexibility of Compass10 generate tangible business benefits supporting operations in both daily and strategic decision-making process.

Our goal is to help customers improve operating performance, delivering tailored solutions as a result of a thorough and accurate assessment of specific business and process requirements.

Backed by a wide and decades-long experience and more than 200 live customers, successfully operating in the most diverse industries, Plannet is the ideal partner for companies determined to seize new opportunities and  profitably manage complex production and logistics processes.

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Our History, our know-how

Plannet know-how and expertise are values that grow over time. Competence and experience continuously consolidate year after year, contributing to constantly improve and widen software capabilities and innovative features.

Everything started in 2003. A team of consultants employed in the IT Business Unit of a management consulting company, focused on Lean Manufacturing projects, founded Plannet. In a very short time Plannet established itself among the leading providers of Finite Capacity Scheduling software in Italy.

Year after year the functional coverage of COMPASS is empowered and additional modules of MES and Advanced Planning are released to the market. In 2015 the brand-new Compass10 , based on the most advanced technological paradigm, is introduced to the market, thus contributing to increase the success and leadership of the company.

Alongside the company starts the internationalization process, creating a network of partners and distributors.

  1. The origin

  2. Compass 5: the complete solution

  3. Compass10 is released

  4. Internationalization process

  5. +220 customers

  6. Plan Cost Optimiser released to the market

  7. Joining the Tinexta Group through the subsidiary Warrant Hub. In 2023 The Digital and Innovation Division was established

Our strength

The cornerstone of our success is the steadfast commitment to drive value to our customers.


Many can deliver well-designed applications, but very few are capable to design and implement, together with the customers, the organizational changes required to achieve the expected benefits.


In each one of our projects we appropriately tailor our consolidated models to fit the actual requirements and the specific context of our customers.

Our goal

Our goal is to deliver the most significant benefits to more profitably manage complex businesses. To achieve this result we dedicate energy to figure out process issues, to identify and implement the right solutions accordingly with the specific business environment.


We make available to our customers the most qualified human resources and our technologically advanced software solutions, achieved by our constant and firm commitment in R&D.

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