EMS - Energy Management System

Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing energy consumption

The Energy Management System module provides a powerful, comprehensive and facilitated experience of optimal energy planning and management. Integration with the Compass10 suite, and in particular the MES module, enables powerful algorithms for attributing energy consumption to various products. The software is specifically designed to monitor, analyze and optimize energy assets.

The solution is used in applications in the field of energy efficiency and Energy Automation in the industrial, tertiary, civil, public administration and renewable energy sectors and enables a return on investment (ROI) in a short time. Extremely configurable and modular, the EMS module is ideal for energy diagnostics, continuous monitoring (e.g., ISO 50001) and energy efficiency projects ( e.g., 2012 – 27 EU directive and white certificates or Energy Efficiency Certificates).

Energy Efficiency

Monitoring and management networks are used in the field of energy efficiency and energy automation in the industrial, tertiary, civil, public administration, and renewable energy sectors and allows for a quick return on investment (ROI).

Energy Automation

By Energy Automation we mean the interconnection of equipment and systems within business processes with the aim of better managing them through energy automation features.

Renewable sources and direct current systems

The growing role that DC is taking on leads to increased demand for monitoring and control solutions. For example, DC monitoring in electric vehicle charging stations, power generation systems , data centers/server farms, microgrids, and peer-to-peer power sharing.

Remote monitoring and remote management

Monitoring and management networks can help plants and processes remain operational through continuous remote monitoring of machinery and the ability to get an overview of facilities.

Compass10 EMS is the energy consumption optimization software solution that supports strategic and operational decisions of

  • Top Management

  • Energy Manager

  • Operation Manager

  • Maintenance Manager

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