Shop-floor data collection, Industry 4.0 machine integration, production order execution and manufacturing KPIs

Streamline your production operations and manufacturing 4.0 with COMPASS10 MES software

Compass10 MES is designed to support the digitalization of production data, based on manual data collection and automatic connection to machine devices, to achieve complete and real-time control of the shop-floor by means of KPIs, analysis dashboards and effective BI tools.


Based on an innovative, highly configurable and completely user-friendly WEB interface to guide operators, Compass10 MES supports at the same time a complete integration with subcontractors, accomplishing an effective and real-time sharing of information.

Shop-floor panel

Highly configurable WEB application, designed to support diversified requirements in data collection, according to the specific production process and industry needs. Tailored and user-friendly interface to ensure flexibility and ease of use.

Machine integration

Thanks to an extensive library of communication protocols Compass10 MES allows to easily implement real-time integration with machines, lines and any kinds of equipment (scales, measure instruments ..), thus creating a bi-directional and interconnected information exchange, fully in line with Industry 4.0 principles.

Advanced BI tools for KPIs analysis

Compass10 BI tool, based on MS Power BI technology, supports the easy creation of   customized dashboards to monitor and analyze a wide range of KPIs and production data.

OEE, efficiency, production yield, scraps, … all indicators under control using Compass10 BI .


WEB portal for subcontractors

Compass10 WEB Portal is specifically design to address integration with subcontractors. Production schedules can be easily dispatched and, at the same time, the supplier can update important information on the status of production orders: start and end confirmation of operations, quantity produced, scraps, information on shipments, …


  • Timely control on production order status

  • Real-time information on machine status and performance

  • Scrap and waste significant reduction

  • Immediate and dynamic alerts on disruptions

  • Timely, accurate and actual feed-back to Compass10 production scheduling tool

  • Flexible and user-friendly

  • Configurable shop-floor Web Panel interface

  • Complete and scalable modular approach

  • Industry 4.0 compliant

  • Full tracking and traceability of all factory events

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