PCO - Plan Cost Optimiser

Improving your Supply Chain responsiveness, whatever the conditions

Plan Cost Optimiser module integrates COMPASS10 Advanced Planning & Finite Capacity Scheduling platform.
PCO delivers, in a few minutes, the optimized production plan in terms of total cost in strictly-interconnected-supply-chain networks as regards market demand, availability of constraining resources and cost drivers of the entire logistic and production environment.

PCO performing in-RAM algorithm is capable to simulate, in a few minutes, multiple supply chain scenarios, under the constraint of finite capacity for production resources, assessing changes in demand, resource availability (production and materials) and cost drivers.
For each scenario, PCO delivers as output the configuration of required capacity for each production resource, the production volume for each resource/item, the cost of the plan (total and by cost driver category), besides a set of economic and logistics KPIs.

Simulation of scenarios to assess unpredictable demand changes

PCO allows the user to simulate changes to demand mix and volume. In the current dynamic environment, supply chains are facing ever more frequent and unpredictable events: to deal with unpredicted disruptions, managers are called to rapidly make rapidly strategic decisions, to define whether production should chase demand (thus enduring increased capacity costs) or level capacity and produce in advance (with unavoidable increased stockpiling costs).
As demand variability make plans rapidly out of date, just hours after being approved and shared, PCO easy configuration and fast in-RAM algorithms improve supply chain responsiveness, making it easy to increase the frequency of planning simulations.

Simulation of scenarios to re-allocate production

Globalized supply chains are no doubt affected by the dynamics of international conditions, such as customs policies (trade war), increase in lead time or transport cost, local variations to the cost of labor and raw materials, thus leading to reflect upon and re-assess decisions on economic trade-off and allocation of production capacity. PCO allows the user to easily simulate the allocation of “switch” products to alternative production lines and/or plants and consequently assess the economic impact on the business itself.

Re-design of production and storage capacity

COMPASS10 PCO supports the user to simulate the economic impact of strategic decisions concerning production capacity (such as investments on new production lines or opening/closing of production plants…) and storage capacity (such as investments on extension of warehouses or logistic services in outsourcing…).

Key Users

COMPASS10 PCO is a powerful simulation and analysis software tool to support strategic and daily decisions for:

  • Supply Chain Managers

  • Top managers

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