Advanced Planning, Finite Capacity Scheduling & Manufacturing Execution software

From long-term planning to shop-floor control and machine integration

Compass10 software supports manufacturing companies to effectively and timely govern the core processes of advanced planning, scheduling and manufacturing execution. This lean, flexible and interactive tool is designed to run real-time simulations and thoroughly analyse results, following intuitive and streamlined workflows.

The backbone of the planning system are its in-RAM processing algorithms, essential features in highly volatile and dynamic environments.

Compass10 modular approach provides maximum scalability and opportunity for tailor-made configuration, in order to suitably fit the application to the specific business context.

Compass10 Main Features

Extended coverage and scalability

Extended coverage and scalability

Full-coverage modular tool, from demand planning to manufacturing execution, machine integration, and product traceability




Cutting-edge and market standards to provide intuitive and easy to use interface


Simulative approach

Simulative approach

Simple creation of alternative scenarios to run “what-if”  simulations in minutes and easily compare results.


Interactive graphical interface

Interactive graphical interface

Graphical interactive views are designed to easily support the analysis of results and to guide the planner to directly adjust the schedules


Fast responsiveness

Fast responsiveness

Extraordinary fast engines based on in-RAM processing technologies


ERP integration

ERP integration

Connecting to the ERP system easily as well as to shop-floor devices to acquire production data



COMPASS10 Plan Cost Optimiser (PCO) goal is to provide digital and effective support to make rapid and insightful decisions with reference to sourcing, production sites and markets in an interconnected environment, and help managers continuously evaluate and re-assess strategic and operational decisions. PCO is capable to simulate, easily and rapidly, the optimised production plan in terms of Total Cost, considering market demand, availability of constraining resources and cost drivers of the entire logistic and production network.

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FCP (Planning)

Mono- and multi-plant Master Production Schedules and purchase plans are generated within minutes, taking into account the specific production process and planning model

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FCP (Scheduling)

Only a few minutes to calculate accurate optimized schedules which take into account production constraints (machines, labor, tools, materials, warehouses) as well as sequencing rules to optimize production and set-up. Alternative scenario simulations and an extremely user-friendly interface support effective and interactive analysis and let the planner graphically adjust and freeze the schedule

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Compass10 MES is designed to collect production, process, quality and traceability data in the shop floor. A Web Panel interface and Industry 4.0 integration to machines ensure real-time and complete control of all production events, availability of KPIs through innovative and standard BI tools.

The innovative and easy-to-configure Web Panel interface is designed to smooth interaction with operators and to improve communication with subcontractors

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Compass10 EMS supports energy management system functionality. The software is specifically designed to monitor, analyze and optimize energy assets. Integration with Compass10’s MES module enables powerful algorithms for attributing energy consumption to various products. The clear and flexible user interface mitigates complexity and human error in production, providing comprehensive service and timely control over plant energy consumption patterns. EMS helps analyze and reduce energy consumption through its advanced optimal control capabilities enabled by machine learning algorithms and industrial IoT controllers.

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COMPASS10 Benefits

Compass10 technology and Plannet consultants’ know-how  have led our customers to  gain remarkable and measurable benefits:


Business advanteges:

  • Increase in service level and in reliability of promised delivery time

  • Reduction in planner manual work

  • Reduction in lead times, inventory and WIP levels

  • Increase in resource efficiency and overall set-up time reduction

  • Increase in productivity and reduction in missing materials

  • Reduction of waste and NON value-added activities

  • Enhancement of enterprise-wide collaboration and communication with suppliers

IT advantages:

  • Smart integration with ERP system and other applications

  • Easy maintenance

  • Industry 4.0 compliant MES – machine integration

  • Elimination of off-line, home-made and non-integrated planning tools (e.g. spreadsheets)

  • Safe user profiling procedures

  • Data available for data-warehousing and external BI tools

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