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Implementation of an Advanced Planning & Scheduling software



Cisaplast S.p.a. is a modern and efficient company focused on the design and production of glass doors and accessories for commercial refrigerated cabinets. Cisaplast competence, dynamic approach and its distinguished capability to meet the requirements of each customer, make the company a highly valued partner of some of the most important brands in the world of refrigeration.

Founded in 1962, the third generation is now running the business.

For the past 50 years Cisaplast has been among the innovators in the refrigeration industry.

Its longtime experience, together with the strong focus on innovation, leads the company to deliver unique and high-performance products. The excellent standards of its glass doors significantly reduce energy consumption and  are designed in total respect for the environment, a key factor which nowadays contributes to the success and the reputation of a company.

Cisaplast mission is therefore clearly established: to provide continuity to these values, which are daily translated in high quality products, constant technical improvement and an always effective and timely service.


«To efficiently support our business growth, we needed to empower the software tools we were using to support our Supply Chain Planning process», says Paolo Spigardi, Cisaplast IT Manager.

«We were looking for a software capable to support us  to carry out the following activities:

  • prompt identification of potential lateness in deliveries (and its possible causes: which resource is responsible for such lateness?),

in order to be able to respect the promise dates;

  • definition of the daily schedule for each resource/department, in order to have a clear perspective of machine load;
  • real time collection of shop-floor data from manufactuing activities, to have a clear and up-to-date resource schedule, to be able to react to shop-floor disruptions and to calculate production KPIs.


«Therefore, in 2008 we started a software selection, at the end of which we decided to implement COMPASS10.» adds Mr. Spigardi. «Cisaplast  planning process is based on a mixed MTS (Make To Stock) and MTO (Make To Order) approach. The new software is integrated with the ERP system (which is based on IBM AS/400 platform), from which all the relevant data are captured: technical data (item master and BoMs), market demand (customer orders and forecast data). Planners manage item routings as well as data concerning production constraints in COMPASS, specifically machine and labour capacity.  On a daily basis the planning department runs the planning process,

firms and releases production and purchase planned orders and delivers the short-term optimised schedule. The production schedule is made available to operators on touch screen panels in the shop-floor. In COMPASS Web-based application on the panels, all necessary production documentation can be easily browsed (drawings, technical specifications, product photos, quality instructions, set-up information, component list…). User-friendly and streamlined procedures allow operators to post the required data concerning the main production events (production start and end, output quantity, scraps, …).»


“ Cisaplast planning and scheduling has become much more efficient, flexible and responsive. We have immediately experienced a dramatic reduction in the time spent for planning activities, thanks to the RAM-based engine of COMPASS algorithms and to the easy-to-use analysis

and simulation functions.» adds Paolo Spigardi.

«Considering the tangble benefits we have achieved, forthcoming investments will be focused on integrating into COMPASS MES the robotic cells of bonding, to digitalize production data collection.»

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