Plannet invited to take part to the Optilon Supply Chain Conference

For the fourth year in a row Plannet is invited to the Optilon Supply Chian Conference, that will take place on September 4-5, in Stockholm. Every year the event is the Nordic meeting place for more than 300 supply chain professionals. The title of this year event is “Transparency, Trust & Information”, and Plannet presentation will be held during the first day of the forum, called Optilon SCC Academy, which consists of different sessions by supply chain software providers,

Plannet CEO, Mr. Vincenzo Bo, will present the new software module PCO (Plan Cost Optimization), that complements the Compass10 suite. The Plan Cost Optimization module is designed to support companies with a complex Supply Chain to assess the costs of allocation of production in multi-line and multi-plan environments, thus enabling to make insightful decisions from all perspectives.

The final purpose of PCO is to deliver, in a few minutes and by means of sophisticated in-RAM algorithms, a cost-optimized production plan, considering different cost variables, among which: production capacity, production, stock, product mix, transfers and service level.

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