The New Enterprise 5.0: Sustainability and Digital Transition

22 November  | 9:15 - 18:40 | San Patrignano Auditorium, Coriano (RN)

The New Enterprise 5.0 event provides a unique overview of the future of the Italian economy in the picturesque setting of San Patrignano. This day will be dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and economic growth, following the paradigm of Transition 5.0. This innovative approach combines environmental sustainability, digitization, and economic resilience to outline a more promising horizon for our country.

Industry experts will examine the strategies and initiatives that Italy is adopting to promote this direction. Case studies of Italian companies that have successfully embraced the new economic development model will be presented. Additionally, the key role of public policies and government incentives in promoting Transition 5.0 and the opportunities they create for businesses will be explored.

But that's not all! The event also offers a fascinating show: Up&Down. This performance explores human relationships with poetry and humor, celebrating the beauty of diversity and demonstrating that we are all differently normal and wonderfully unique.

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