“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid.
Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant.
The whole of the two constitutes an incalculable force. “

Albert Einstein

Our vision

Plannet supports manufacturing companies to improve effectively business performance providing software, consulting services and technologies, accelerating organizational innovation and digital re-engineering of Supply Chain Planning, Scheduling & Exection processes.

Plannet, expertise and know-how

1. Consulting

Constant support to drive value to our customers.


2. Technology

Innovative technology to support everyday Business Operations.

3. Training

Firm commitment to drive professional growth.

4. Customer care

A dedicated team to provide quick-response and specific help-desk support.

5. Focus on results

Improvement of operating performance to achieve customer expectations.

6. Research & Development

Focus on R&D in cooperation with Universities.

7. Budget compliance

Accurate and detailed budget, clear costs in advance.

8. Committed to time projects

Thorough project planning to deliver a rapid return on investment.


The implementation of the new Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Execution software is backed by a robust and proven methodology which, on the one side, encourages the company to seize new opportunities for improvement and, on the other side, to design organizational procedures consistent with the new software.


A proven and fruitful path to delivery, established in hundreds of projects, tailored to train and assist the users, consistently to the specific context, in the delicate stage of change, through the application of market best practices.


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