Optimising production in a seasonal business environment


Introducing a system of finite capacity production planning and scheduling.


Diplom-Is is Norway’s largest producer of ice cream and frozen desserts, with a stable workforce of 430 employees, which increases by more than 250 during the peak season. The company has a turnover of about 100 million Euros and the production plant is in Gjelleråsan, near Oslo.

Diplom-Is produces ice cream and frozen desserts under the Diplom-Is, Bella Italia, Mövenpick, Mars Ice Creams and Nestlé brands.


Considering the high seasonality of its business, with 75% of annual sales concentrated in just 4 months, Diplom-Is was facing a series of difficulties related to the production planning and scheduling process, still carried out in a completely manual way, therefore inaccurate and time-consuming. In summary, the main objectives expected from the implementation of the new system:

  • improve efficiency and flexibility in stock and production planning
  • synchronize the entire Supply Chain and increase the level of service
  • reduce the time dedicated to planning activities
  • increase the frequency of the planning cycle, with the possibility of simulating alternative capacity planning


The company was used to working with a production program developed over a 6-week horizon, which regularly proved to be unworkable, inefficient and required constant reviews. With the introduction of Compass10’s finite capacity planning and scheduling system, the company achieved improvements:

  • Develop a daily production plan with a medium to long term horizon, spanning 108 weeks.
  • Significantly reduce the time spent to planning factory personnel and the production schedule. After one year of use, it went from three weeks to one, to an average of three days.


“The planning and scheduling process of Diplom-Is is now definitely more consistent, reactive and, above all, lean. The analytic and thorough reports available make it very easy to assess the results of each planning cycle. With a few clicks we can easily simulate variations to the plan in order to meet unexpected shifts in market demand. This major evolution of our business processes has allowed us to widen product rang by 40%, 2017 compared to 2016.’’


Kai Simonsen
Supply Chain and Planning Manager

Food & Beverage

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