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Plannet launches the innovative version of the planning, scheduling & MES software
COMPASS 10: speed, performance and new functionalities
Innovative performance in the functions of planning, scheduling and MES The central functions of the planning, scheduling and MES have been completely re-engineered, enriched and re-designed into a new release made available to the international market. Compass 10 software consists of a set of new features, developed to meet the requirements and critical issues for supply chain planning and execution in manufacturing environments.
COMPASS Finite Capacity Schedule
Rhythm Wheel Production
The production sequencing functions in COMPASS scheduling algorithm have been extended to take into consideration the Rhythm Wheel Production (RWP) concept: an innovative Lean Manufacturing idea that allows to define preset (or mandatory) product sequencing on a given line-machine during a specific period.
COMPASS Materials Planning
Material requiremens sharing among alternative suppliers
COMPASS materials requirements planning functions have been extended to include a sharing alogorithm, allowing to share requirements for the same item over multiple suppliers.
Quality Control Plans
COMPASS’s MES module now boasts a new important function, allowing full management of Quality Control plans and the collection of data and measurements relating to production quality control.