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Mechanical Industry

The ability to optimise supply chain planning and scheduling processes is based on the knowledge of critical issues which characterise production processes in these industries

This know-how has enabled us to carry out projects and implement solutions that are able to meet the requirements of companies (both multinationals and SMEs) in the production of engineering components, machines and equipment.

ATI – Stainless steel pipes
BENELLI ARMI – Hunting, sports and personal defence weapons
CSF INOX – Pumps and fittings
FARO INDUSTRIALE – Special bearings
FOSSATI CATENE – Conveyor, drive and drag chains
F.lli VERGNANO – Threading tools and taps
FRA.BO - Fittings
GIULIANI – Hydraulic cylinders and brakes
IMG – Engineering components: pins and bushings
LAE – Grids for industrial fans
MECCANICA PIOVESAN – Custom engineering components
ROSA SISTEMI – Ball bearings, rollers and bushings
SACIM – Tanks and tank trucks
SAIMA MECCANICA – Painting booths
SIRCATENE – Conveyor, drive and drag chains
SIRCONVEYOR – Conveyor chains (a company of Sircatene)
SPASCIANI – Personal protection equipment
TIEMME RACCORDERIE – Plumbing and heating fittings
UFS – Threading tools and taps