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Chemical - Cosmetic - Pharma

The ability to optimise supply chain planning and scheduling processes is based on the knowledge of critical issues which characterise production processes in the specific industrial sector.

This know-how has enabled us to carry out projects and implement solutions that are able to meet the requirements of companies (both multinationals and SMEs) in the chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care and cosmetic products industry.

Some of our customers in the industry include:

IGMA– Pharmaceutical products

ALBA MILAGRO - Chemistry for agriculture

AREXONS - Car wahing, cleanings products

CIP 4 – Wipes

DEOFLOR - Air care and toilet fresheners

DRYLOCK – Sanitary towels

FATER – Personal care products

FARMOL - Home and personal care products

FIPPI - Baby diapers

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Italia – Personal care products

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Ltd South Africa - Personal care and OTC products

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Hellas - Personal care products

Johnson & Johnson SANTE’ BEAUTE’ France - Personal care and OTC products

JOHNSON & JOHNSON Germany - OTC products

JnJ Consumer Egypt - Personal care products

KERAKOLL – Building materials and paint products

LATI - Technical compounds

MADEL - Home and personal care products

McNEIL - OTC products

SENTINEL CH - R&D and manufacturing of diagnostic products

SOVERE - Compounds