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Furniture - Homeware - Miscellaneous

The ability to optimise supply chain planning and scheduling processes is based on the knowledge of critical issues which characterise production processes in the specific industry.

This know-how has enabled us to carry out projects and implement solutions that are able to meet the requirements of companies (both multinationals and SMEs) in the durable goods industry.

Some of our customer references in the sector include:

– Wooden garden furniture

ARTEMIDE - Lightning solutions

BREVI – Children goods

CARFI – Industrial binders

CISAPLAST – Glass doors

DAYTONA – Tables

DOTT. GALLINA – Thermoplastic rubber items

iGUZZINI ILLUMINAZIONE – Lamps and light fittings

IL CEPPO – Outdoor wooden furniture

INTERMARP – Rubber components

LAVORANTI IN LEGNO – Doors and windows

LUMSON – Cosmetic packaging

MAVET – Helmets

METALSPOT – Lamps and light fittings